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California Recall

            Recalling Governor Gray Davis was something that California voters definitely wanted, according to the October 7th recall election that was held. According to the Public Policy Institute of California’s survey it is said that “popularity of Governor Gray Davis has declined from 52% favorable rating to just 33% since his re-election last November (Firing Line 1).” Governor Gray Davis has cut funds to many important factors of our society, like public schools. He has “mismanaged (Quick Facts 1)” our taxpayer money. He has increased utility bills. The California recall election was justified because Governor Gray Davis mislead our state, he made a wrong decision in making a big budget cut, and he put our state in a power crisis.
             There are many other people in California that believe the California recall should have never taken place. They believe that Governor Gray Davis has done a fine job as Governor. “They are trying to take out a man who has done so much for our schools, healthcare, wages, and Hispanic immigrants (No-Recall 1).” They believe that Gray Davis should be able to fix his faults that he made. .
             Misleading your own state that you are supposed to be governing is a wrongful situation to uphold. Governor Gray Davis did just that. He never let anyone know about California’s budget crisis. He campaigned and campaigned until he was successful. “He lied to the public about California’s budgetary matters solely to gain re-election (Firing Line 1).” It is said that he lied when he gave his numbers of the deficit. “He knowingly lied through his teeth before the election about the size and scope of California’s $34.6 billion budget deficit (Firing Line 2).”.
             After Governor Gray Davis was elected to office, he finally broke out with the statistics and he “declared a serious budget crisis existed (Firing Line 2).