Group Dynamics

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Title: Drawing on the theory and research on groups and teams, critically discuss how an understanding of group processes/group dynamics can help someone who has to work in teams or manage teams.

Group work in organizations has become an ever-present resource in business today. However, are two heads better than one? What are the advantages and disadvantages of group work? How can management control conflict among group members? Possibly the most basic and relevant question to ask is; how are groups created successfully? In this essay, we will answer these questions and be able to assist someone who has to work in a group or one that has to manage the group as a whole.

First, we will begin by simply defining what a group is. "A group is defined as two or more people who interact regularly to accomplish a common purpose or goal. The purpose of a group or team may range from preparing a new advertising campaign, to sharing information informally, to making important decisions, to fulfilling social needs.  (Griffin 7th ed. p.584) In general, there are three different types of groups. "A functional group is a perma

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