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Why Hitler Failed

             The name Adolf Hitler stands for a savage man who sabotaged a nation into believing that what they were doing was morally right. His incredible speaking skills helped him preach, which fed the fury of Germany, that still lingered from the corrupt decrees from the Versailles Treaty. Hitler was a genius for having made everyone follow his plans, but he was definitely not without major flaws in his pursuit for European conquest. Hitler failed due to his poor planning, unrealistic goals, and outrageous insanity. .
             Hitler may have rushed into the war much quickly because some of his plans contained obvious bugs which could have been easily fixed during the course of his reign as Fuhrer. He should have took his time planning carefully, so that no mistakes that would prevent his pursuit would be forgotten about.
             Hitler relied on a defensive wall to keep the Allies at bay. He called this wall of his, ‘Fortress Europe.’ It was an endless blockade of mines, barb wire, concrete forts, and machine guns. (Marrin 206) He said it was indestructible. Hitler overlooked one major thing in the creation of the fortress though, “Hitler, has built a wall around Europe, only he forgot to put a roof over it.”(Marrin 206) said President Roosevelt. Planes flew over the walls of Fortress Europe and bombed it day and night with no stop. .
             The Americans started "Pinpoint Bombing" in Europe during the day with their United States Air Force. They struck vital areas which was crucial to Germany’s war effort. This included: factories, (which made airplane parts) railways, bridges, tunnels, canals, and power stations. (Marrin 207) As the sun set the RAF bombers (British fleets) took the Americans place and began "Area Bombing" where the British air forces would take out entire cities and keep workers awake all night with no rest. Workers were often left homeless from the bombing as well.