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My view of the United States of America

            My view of the United States of America.
             I think that gun legislation in the US is a bit out of control, meaning a mentally unstable person may go into a store and buy a gun. Wait a week and then go collect his weapon. But it is a fact that if you want a gun, it’s fairly easy to get one in any country. It’s just that much easier in the US. There are more people killed in the USA by guns than in any other country. But there lives 200 million people in the US and no other country in the world has such a variety in ethnicity. Therefore there is bound to be more conflicts than in other countries, say Norway for example. (Maybe that’s a bad example due to the huge popularity differences but I’ll use it anyway). .
             Now let’s talk about slavery a bit. A lot of black people drag in slavery as an argument in various political and social debates, or when they speak out on rallies etc. This may sound a bit harsh, but slavery ended 250 years ago. Get over it! There’s nothing that can change what happened and its just wrong when black people use this as an argument to get what they want. .
             The death penalty. There are currently 38 states in the US who practice the death penalty or capitol punishment. Some people say “I’m against the death penalty, but if someone murders someone close to me. I would want that person to get the death penalty, heck i’d kill that person myself” but then there is the question, if he/she kills that person wouldn’t they get the death penalty, does death vengeance justify a murder? Me myself, I’m for the death penalty, but it depends on the severity of the crime. Statutory rape, first-degree murder and high treason. All of them deserves capitol punishment in my opinion. “But what if they are innocent?” In my opinion there is a minimalistic chance of that to happen.
             But all in all I can’t say I don’t like the US.