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Anne frank compare movie to book

             The Diary of Anne Frank, by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, elaborates the hardships of life during the war. The video, The Attic, shows how life on the streets of Germany in the 1940's was, making it similar, though slightly different from the play. In the play and the movie, the characters, as well as sequence of events are different, leaving a different overall creation for each. The movie and the play are very similar since they are the story of the same eight people though they differ in their point of view. .
             The play and movie’s characters were basically the same, but they did differ in many small ways. Mrs. Van Daan, for example, was very conscious of her possessions, and, although not as much, she also was in the movie. Mr. Frank, Anne’s father, was the leader, and was very serious about everything in both. As many similarities as there were, there were also some differences. First, are the added characters in the movie. Mr. Kupas, Mrs. Dussel, Mrs. Sampson, Jan, The Butcher, and Ellie were all added, most of whom helped with the operation. Also, Anne seemed much better behaved. In the movie, she didn’t really cause too many problems, though in the play she was the annoying pest to everyone. With all the added, subtracted, and changed characters, it gave a different feeling and relation to each. .
             Although they were based on the same story, the plot of the play and video were different. First, D- Day invasion was a wonderful thing for the Jews to hear, for this reason, they included it in both the movie and the play. Second, it was Mr. Frank who survived the camp, which was revealed in both. Also, they touched the points in both, that all of the other attic members died at camp. Although it was the same story, the play also had its differences from the movie. Due to the point of view, which was different in each, the Hanukah celebration was never mentioned in the movie.