A Heart That Moves God

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Mary Magdalen has always been a predominant and fascinating figure for Christianity. But who was she really? The Gnostics hailed her as the companion of the Savior and the woman He loved most. Early Christian writers called her the Bride of Christ and the apostle to the apostles. But for centuries her most durable image has been that of a prostitute who repented and devoted her life to Jesus “ an image that both shaped and so some extent reflected the Church's attitude toward women.

All that we really know of the real Magdalen are the four facts noted in the Gospels: she was one of Christ's followers; she was present at His crucifixion; she was one of the earliest witnesses of His resurrection; and she was the first person to be charged with proclaiming the Christian message. After nearly 2000 years, we are beginning to take a good look at Mary Magdalen and how her life epitomizes the condition of women in the Church and in society. Mary Magdalen had a heart that moved Jesus to return before the process of ascension had been completed, just to comfort her.

The situation with Mary's heart speaks of the situation of all our hearts. Mary Magdalene wa

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