Clothing in My life

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Clothing in My Life Essay

In the life of every teenager all over the world, clothing plays an important role in its social class, ranking, confidence and appeal. Clothes define who we are more or less and we all tend to be identified by others with a certain social group/class because of our clothing. Clothes protect us from the weather and provide us with warmth and cover. They also make us desirable in others' eyes, make us wanted and even disliked. Clothing makes us stand out as individuals, being original or not and it also makes us blend in with the crowds. A person's choice of colors represents his personality and is maybe the one trait that is entirely original, even though some are wearing whatever is trendy. In my life, clothing has an enormous impact on how others perceive me and how I perceive others. I identify with a certain social group based on how I dress and also it reflects my taste of music.

I believe that music and clothes go together most of the time. I do not like generalizing, because there are always exceptions to everything, however usually your clothing reflects

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