The Right To Bear Arms

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The primary objective of the Second Amendment of the Constitution is to preserve and guarantee the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms. Even though this Amendment emphasizes the need to have a militia, it is not required to be in a militia to exercise the right to possess a gun. Over time guns have played both an intricate part and a devastating role in the molding of our society. Such conflicts in interest have sparked much debate over the right to possess a gun.

One side welcomes and believes in the regulation and control of the sale of guns, while the other side believes that such legislation would infringe on the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. We as citizens should have the right to possess guns, but only under strict liability (LaFollette, 2001).

LaFollette suggests that in order for gun ownership to work, we as a society need to force gun owners to take responsibility of firearm accidents. He suggests that gun owners be forced to take great responsibility of firearms accidents. By storing and insuring liability on our firearms would be another step to accomplishing our rights to bear firearms (LaFollette, 2001).

Society today has had an increasing amount of gun viol

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