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Christmas carol (start comparison of how scrooge changes)

            A Christmas carol was published in 1843; this was a very early time in dickens career, Dickens wrote a Christmas carol in 5 different staves, he did this because in 1843 books were far too expensive to buy, so parts were published each week in magazines, in 1843 there was no state help and no benefits, if the poor would not help themselves they resorted to the work house, because it was seen as against the law to be out of work, it was looked down upon by everybody, including scrooge, scrooge was a mean, miserly, thoughtless old man and people hated him for this, he was ignorant and he saw celebrations as a waste of money, and he hoards his money away not even spending it on himself on, his own happiness, he eats gruel which is the food that poor people eat, although he is a very rich man he still refuses to spend his money on his own happiness, this shows the reader just how stingy and tight fisted scrooge really was. He liked to be isolated from the world and the people around him, unless they were bringing him money and even it was or if it did he still did not appreciate it.
             Dickens describes Scrooge in every detail, he leaves nothing out, he makes scrooge seem as sharp and as cold as ice, like winter.
             When Dickens introduces Scrooge to the Ghost Of Marley Scrooge again refuses to believe he is there, it is merely another waste of his precious money making time.