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Journey speech

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step  quoted from ˜The way of Lao Tzu' (604BC-531BC)

A Physical Journey is inevitable; life itself is a physical journey. Undertaking the challenges and overcoming the obstacles along the journey allows the traveler to discover oneself and become more aware of their geography and the people that coexist with them.

The text "Prince of Egypt  is a film about the main character Moses, who has mistaken his own identity; he embarks on a physical journey to free his people, the Jews, from Rameses, the Egyptian pharaoh, who has taken them as slaves. The discovery of oneself therefore lets the person become a person they didn't know they were after coming across ups and downs, for example, Moses, the physical journey transformed Moses from being unconfident to being confident, faithful and courageous The physical journey is the contrast between his whole life as a pharaoh's son, and his true identity, a slave's son.

The inclusion of this film in the portfolio conveys a distinct quality and perspective of who he thinks he is, juxtaposed to who he actually is. True Identity is only exposed when a Physical Journey is commenced therefore meaning life itself. Presented notions in this film are of relevance to the concept of ˜Physical Journeys' in conjunction with the poem ˜Immigrants at Central Station, by poet Peter Skrzynecki, which implies indirectly the same notions suggested by the film.

The poem indirectly repeats the emotion of sadness, sorrow and anxiety, of not knowing who they are, the immigrants true identity. The people in "Immigrants of Central Station  are labelled as immigrants and not by a name or reference, which puts forward the idea of facelessness and lack of individuality. This poem is on the subject of a group of immigrants at a railway station, where the railway is damp

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