A Little Bit About the Horse

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Horses are magnificent creatures. Horses are a mammalian animal. They live in herds of large numbers and have great sociological& physiological abilities. They also are herbivores meaning they eat no meat. The history of the horses is rather quite extensive well making it so I may only be able to brush over it. Horses live just about every where you could imagine except the Artic and Antarctic. There are many living and non-living organisms in a horses habitat. There are also many different kinds or breeds of horses and ponies over 200 in fact.

Horses live every where. This means I can't give just one answer on the environment question. Horses mainly live in large flat areas of land such as plains, desserts, and savannas. Mean while ponies can live in areas with less stable footing such as Hills, Mountains and Dense Forest. Horses also come from all over the world. The first horses evolved in south east America over 60 million years ago. Sadly they became extinct 8,000 years ago. Mean while their cousins in Europe, Africa, and Asia thrived. About 6,000 years ago the first horses where taken and domesticated in Asia from where it spread across the world. The spread also returned horses to the Americas and by 1910 North America

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