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What is a penguin? Many people over the years have asked that question and found their answers by researching. Their finds have helped people answer that question. A penguin is a flightless bird. Flightless birds do not fly and do not use their wings other than to swim. Penguins spend most of their life in or near the ocean.

Penguins waddle because of their incredibly short legs which are extremely close to their back. Some can toboggan to get around on patches of ice. Tobogganing is sliding on its stomach. It is a faster more effective way of getting around on the slippery ice and tightly packed snow.

The body of a penguin is covered in short thick waterproof feathers. They are tall missile shaped animals with very short legs that cause them to waddle. Penguins can have a great range of color. Some colors they can be are: black and bluish gray with white or yellow undersides. Penguins live in cold areas and have thick layers of fat to keep warm. They also have a thick layer of long feathers underneath the short wa

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