The Gift of the Magi

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I feel that you should read the wonderful story, "The Gift of the Magi,  because it is a brilliant story that shows the true meaning of Christmas which could be explained in three words: love, sacrifice, and gratefulness. The two main characters, Della and Jim, had an everlasting love for each other which could never be broken. For example, they sacrificed what meant most to both of them to buy the other a present for Christmas. Last, they still showed gratitude to have each other even after their most precious things were gone. In all, "The Gift of the Magi  is a heartfelt story that should be read by all.

One reason to read the story is because it shows the love that the main characters have for each other which many people can relate to. In the beginning of the story, Della and Jim, a young couple struggling to earn money, have an undying affection for one another. First of all, every day Della is waiting at home to meet Jim with open arms when h

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