“Talbot’s Rouen Window: Romanticism, Naturphilosophie and th

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It would seem that Anne McCauley's essay on Henry Fox Talbot and his "Rouen Window  photograph is designed to establish Talbot as an artist. It is through the descriptions of his photographs that the author conveys her thoughts of the way the images are composed in comparison to early French photographers. Seemingly the French were more interested in documenting historical monuments, places, etc where Talbot's interest rested in his ability to capture what a person might see at any given time during the course of the day. Where many French photographers would keep objects in the foreground, Talbot wanted the subject to appear unobstructed and was known to redirect his camera lens in something appeared or there was too much movement (creating an apparitional effect).

Another way McCauley tries to establish Talbot as an artist is by comparing his "Rouen Window  to a painting that is similar in nature by Friedrich. While the compositions of the images a

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