Tolerance on the WB: The Camdens and Entertainment-Education

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In the wake of the events of 9/11, there was a significant rise in Muslim hate crimes. In an attempt to find resolution to the tragic event, citizens took matters into their own hands by acting out against Arab-Americans. News of violence, vandalism, and harassment was reported in the days and weeks following. The repeated incidents occurred all across the country and even triggered a response from the President. In his response, President Bush stressed to the public, "Muslim-Americans make an incredibly valuable contribution to our country ¦[and] ¦need to be treated with respect" ( 2001). The President and other public officials were not the only voice of opposition heard during that time. Numerous public service announcements (PSAs), in a variety of forms, were televised in the weeks and months following 9/11. Whether from Hollywood or Washington, the message was the same, not to discriminate or commit any acts of violence against any Arab or Muslim-Americans. However, PSA's and public statements from high-ranking officials were not the only ways in which America experienced the promotion of tolerance through its mass media.

Several television programs used the subject as the basis for t

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