Odysseus is an epic hero

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Odysseus fits the stereotype of the classic hero because he performs courageous acts throughout his journey, he uses his cleverness to overcome many obstacles, and he learns from his mistakes.

During his journey Odysseus performs many courageous acts. At the island of the Lotus Eaters he rescues his men from the addiction of the lotus flower. After the Cyclops captures them in his cave Odysseus blinds the Cyclops with a sharpened log. Then Odysseus' men sneak out of the Cyclops cave under sheepskins. Odysseus also performs a courageous act when he steers his ship around the deadly whirlpool Charybdis and valiantly tries to defend his men from Scylla, but she strikes to fast for him causing him to lose six men. When Odysseus arrives at the island of the Sun God's cattle he and his crew face famine. So when Odysseus falls asleep his men slaughter some of the Sun Godâ

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