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Child Brain Development

             Have you ever wondered how your brain developed and how important it was? A child's brain development is very important from birth to about three years old. Some people may not notice it, but this is when a child's brain patterns develop and the outcome greatly affects the child throughout their entire life.
             When a baby is born, the human brain is a work in progress. When a baby is born, the brain has about 100 billion nerve cells. These cells have not yet made connections that form who they come out to be i.e., their personality, and emotional stableness. These connections happen between birth and three years of age. By the time a child is three, they will have formed about 1000 trillion connections. This is about twice as many connections that adults have. I asked myself the question of how could this be? After ten years, most of them start eliminating. My second question was, which connections get eliminated, which don't and how does it happen? Connections that are made everyday or are repetitive during a child's first few years become permanent. .
             During children's early years, parents or guardians are a very important figure in the child's life. Scientists have done research that has made them believe that the way a child is treated will have an effect on their brain development. I agree with this inquiry because there are some cases where this could be true. For example, my cousin Leonardo who is now 21, received negative impact from his parents and was neglected at a very early age. As a result, he rebelled during his teenage years. He was in need of acceptance, love, and admiration (which he wasn’t getting from his parents) so he turned to the gang life, began using drugs, and alcohol. To this day, he has not changed at all. He is the same person he was during his teenage years. On the other hand, some children who are shown love with positive attitude have a better chance of succeeding later on in life.