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A comparison of Blues Music in the 1950's and 1980's showing

            Ella Fizgerald ( 1918-1996 ) was admired for her scat singing. She was raised in an orpanage in New York. She was dicovered at the age of 16, singing in a Harlem Talent show. .
             Gary Moore ( 1952- ? ) was born on the 4th April 1952. He was said to be the finest singer that the British Isles ever produced. He was brought into the music career by listening to Elvis Presley and other musicians at that time.
             The piece of music from Ella Fitzgerald is called ‘ Things are looking up ’ (1950’s ) . The instruments used in this piece were: Guitar , Piano , Female Vocal , Drums , Trumpets ,Clarinets , Saxophone & Double Bass. It started being melancholy at the beginning, it was soft and the texture of the beginning was very thin. The music then starts to get more lively and the texture gets thicker! The piece is then faster, louder, happy and bouncy. There is Ella’s voice in this and it uses ‘call & response’ between the vocal and the instruments. The piece ends fairly abruptly.
             The piece of music from Gary Moore is called ‘ Parisienne Walkways ’ ( 1980’s) . The instruments used in this piece were: Guitars , Drums , Bass Guitar , Synthesizer & Male Vocal. This piece starts with a Guitar solo. It has a fairly slow tempo, and doesn’t change at all durind the song. Gary Moore plays the Guitar solos and he does the Virtoso runs ( ha ha … going OTT ) on the guitar. There is hardly any words in the song, there are many guitar solos. There are some places where there is ‘call and response’ between the voice & the guitar. This song is the ‘proper’ Blues because it hasn’t got any happiness. This song has a ‘coda’ ending, meaning that it has a rounded ending.
             The pieces are very different in tempo and the styles.