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The power of words

             To understand the mind of men, listen to his words.
             For words link the mind to the outside world and represent the intellect of man. Words. What are words? One may ask. Besides being a group of letters, in its simplest form they are the basis of communication. They relay ideas, express feelings and create conversations.There are many kinds of words: long words, short words, big words, and small words… that are put together and can be used in many ways.
             There is a saying that goes “a blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword.” This illustrates how effective words can be. We all have experienced at one time or another to be hurt by some unkind words, unjust remarks, or name calling, and these have hurt our feelings deeply. Unlike most physical wounds which heel, hurtful words can scar the mind and soul and leave permanent damage to ones life.
             But just as words can be hurtful, they too can heal. They can console, encourage and impress. Parents and teachers are the best examples of people who use words to encourage and support while friends are the best known for their words of comfort and understanding.
             Words are very powerful. Used well, they can portray intelligence and do a lot of good. Used badly, they could cause a lot of damage and sometimes injury and death. Yes. Even death. Words can incite people to start a war and kill.
             For those of you whose lives have been blessed with an ability to talk, let our words reach out to heal, teach, and encourage our fellow men. For just as a baby’s first words brings joy so should our words be a bridge to knowledge, understanding, and peace. Words may not move mountains but they can certainly move men.

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