When Is A Room Not A Room? When Its An Installation?

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When Is A Room Not A Room? When Its An Installation?

Although I had read a little information about installation through pictures in books and magazines, it was not until recently, when an inspirational visit to Antony Gormley's 'Domain Field' exhibition in 2003 at the Baltic Art Gallery in Newcastle, that first got me really thinking about installation.

After visiting this inspiring work of art, I started to think about the nature of installation, where it derived from and who started it. I wanted to look at the style or type of artwork that is installation, and wanted to find out more about the subject.

Many arguments have been had over the true meaning of installation (in the art sense of the word). So to begin my investigation, I must first try and decipher a meaning of the term installation by studying the different arguments.

According to Oxford's Concise English Dictionary, the correct meaning of the term Installation is:

"installation / instә'leiÆ’(ә)n / n. 1 a the act or an instance of installing. b the process or an instance of being installed. 2 a large piece of equipment, etc. installed for use. 3 an art exhibit constructed within a gallery. [medieval Latin install

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