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Why I want to be a Peer Counselor

            Why I would like to be a Peer Counselor.
             When I was an Incoming freshman, my mother was not able to bring me to school, due to her job. Then I thought, “How can my grandparents help me with all of these things?” I was unmotivated and unsure. No one understood the anxiety that I was feeling. Then when our van pulled up where all of the other freshmen were, I saw these angels in white t-shirts that said “ask me.” I didn’t know who these people were, but I pretty soon found out.
             These so-called “angels” were Peer Counselors. I was in heaven when they immediately started helping me to move my things in while my grandparents took a load off. They were courteous and they smiled at me. They greeted me and I felt like I had been here a year already. I then knew I wanted to do the same for someone else. .
             My point of view about the Peer Counselors is that they are a group of motivated, educated, gracious, humble individuals. Half of the University doesn’t know that they even exist, yet I’m glad that I do. It takes a lot to exert the amount of effort that they do, for little attention. It also takes a lot for them to want to help and to guide those who are new to this college thing. They do it because they have been in that same boat and they know what a big deal it is. And they love doing it too!.
             I want to be a part of it all. All of the fun that they seem to have together and all of the laughter seems to somehow pay off. I want the experience to feed my soul as it does theirs. I want to bring strengths to the organization, although it is strong enough. Go Big Blue!!!!.