How Slavery Affected Political Parties

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American Political Parties and How Slavery Affected Them

During the time period 1840 to 1860, four main political groups came into power. The Democrats, the Whigs, the American Party, and the Republicans all rose into positions of high power and attracted many followers to each parties individual goals and beliefs. But over time, especially during these twenty years, all four parties saw radical change come over them, much of these changes caused by slavery.

The Whigs had been formed during the earlier half of the nineteenth century in opposition to the Jacksonians and the Democrats.

They supported an nationalistic economic policy such as a national bank of the United States, internal improvements for the nation as a whole, and tariff protection for the merchants, farmers, and artisans of America.

They came into their peak of power when their presidential candidate, Harrison was elected into office in 1848, but this reign was cut short when he died a month later. He was replaced by his vice president, Tyler.

Tyler's taking of the presidential seat was not good for the Whigs. He was a former democrat and with his new presidential powers, vetoed various Whig policies.

The Whig party declined even further when two of i

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