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Proposal for community Policing

             There are many reasons why we should go to community policing. Even if it is a very costly project you have to remember that you get what you pay for in this world. Instead of sending stormtroopers into a neighborhood where they know nothing about the people that work or live there, an officer that is active in the community and knows the people well may be able to prevent some of the crime before they happen. In the long run preventing crimes and thereby reducing the amount of 911 calls received daily could save a lot of money. .
             Another fact to look at is how the community will learn to trust the officers and open up to them in ways that you can not get with regular patrols in a squad car. In order to serve the community better the officers must become a part of that community in which they work. If the community is more open and willing to share information to the police about what is wrong in their neighborhood it will be easier for the two to come up with a solution to the problem rather than just react to a situation. Any member of the community would feel a lot better talking to someone they know as Joe Smith instead of just that officer or Mr. Policeman.
             The question should not be do we need community policing, but why don’t we have community policing in our area yet? Because of the fact times are economically tight the people need this now more than ever. .