Women rights

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The women rights women started back in the late 1700's and 1800's, which set the stage for the rise of the women's movements. The reason for this is that many women grew increasingly dissatisfied with the limitations society had placed on their activities. This was known as the age of reason questioned established political and religious authority and stressed the importance of reason, equality, and liberty. The new intellectual atmosphere helped justify women's rights to full citizenship.

In the American Colonies, The Revolutionary War of 1775 “ 1783 fought in the name of liberty and equality, which raised the hopes of some women. There was a big majority of women that supported the war with their sewing and farming, and by boycotting British goods and engaging in other forms of protest. One of these women was Esther Deberdt Reed she was the wife of the president of Pennsylvania. She was the head leader of the Ladies Association and the mobilization of material support for the American army. She was known as the patriot to making shirts for the army men. Although neither the American nor the French revolutions increased women's rights, these conflicts gave new prominence to the ide

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