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Life Experience

             Write about a life experience that has influenced your intellectual and personal growth
             Throughout my adolescent years I have been very involved with my church and the Sunday school program. I would like to say that this is not a joke. I have loved teaching Sunday school at my church since I was 11. It has definitely shaped me into a very intellectual character and a very interesting person.
             My mother always believed in bringing us kids up in the church. When I was smaller my sister and I would always fight with her about having to wake up on a "non school day  just to go sit and be bored in another Sunday school class. My boredom changed when I became old enough to help with Sunday school. It was not only a way for me to avoid going to Sunday school, it was also a way to get involved. My involvement progressed and by the time I graduated Sunday school at fourteen, I was thoroughly involved with the administration process of Sunday school.
             After I became more well known in the Sunday school classrooms, the Youth Director, Sue, offered me a more hands-on job of collecting the kids' offering and counting it. When I became comfortable doing that, I was instructed to take the attendance from each classroom and total up the number of teachers, helpers and kids'. Now I was on a roll. I took over the position known as Assistant Sunday school superintendent.
             All of this work that I have done for my church has shaped my character with responsibility and leadership. It helped me find myself in a mess of confusion as a small child. It gave me an outlet for feelings I didn't know what to do with and it showed me how to work well with others.

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