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A good citizen should provide a home that is loving and secure towards his or her family. They should also use common sense and consider other people's points of view in order to help prevent serious conflict. A good citizen respects people's rights and shares praise, advice, support and criticism with their friends, family and peers. Children should attempt to get the most out of school, study, take part in class work and activities, and try to do well on tests. A good citizen should volunteer to help the sick, needy, disabled, elderly, etc. in their community. A good citizen has the duty to know and obey the laws. Citizens should report all crimes that they witness, take precautions to ensure safety and lend their support to police officers.

Citizens should not only vote but also be informed voters. They should inform officials of their needs, be a responsible family member, respect and obey the law as well as the rights of others and be proud and loyal to our nation. Citizens should also learn how the government works and keep up to date with the news and current events.

Citizens should join volunteer groups

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