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All about me

             My city is the most beautiful top 3 city in China right now.
             The economic increase rapidly these following years. There are three members in my family. My dad, my mom and me. My mom was .
             an accountant at the Bank of China. She worked there for more than 20 years. But now, she decided to be a honsewife. My dad.
             was a soldier for 15 years. He decided to be a bussinessman 10 years ago. My dad is a very indomitable person. He never gives.
             up if he choose to do something. And he will do the best he can. He played golf for 2 years, but he practice almost everyday, .
             no matter how busy he was. Compare to his friends, some already paly more than 5 years, they esteem my dad's spirit, how hard.
             he works. No Pain No gain. He got the first gold in the other city. My dad set a really good example for me. And his morale.
             irradiate me no matter what i choose to do, always do the best i can.
             I love my family very much, even thought we always had contention about some little things. But that is the way we are.
             and that is the way we get though it. Their love for me always clear and unequivocal. they taught me to be a good person no.
             matter where i am and love each other as they love me.
             I remember when i was in the Elementray School. My mom went to school with me almost everyday. We did not have a car.
             at that time, so she rode a bicycle and i sat on the back. I putted my hands around to her waist and i put my head down on her.
             back, finailly i fall asleep. I started to learn piano during that time and i took the class everyday after school. My mom .
             would wait for me outside of the school and took me to the teacher's house. The sun went down very early in the winter. I .
             just like before, falling sleep on her back. The trafet was really busy, I could tell my mom was in a hurry. She did not want.
             me to be late. I holded my mom very tight and tried to kept her warm in my arms. But no matter what, i did not have any interested.
             in piano. I asked my mom if i could quit.

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