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Natural environment

             Natural environment is undoubtedly one of the major problems facing all the people inhabiting our planet. For many centuries the issue has been neglected by lots of nations and as a result it becomes more and more difficult to find a single unpolluted area on Earth. Taking that into consideration, we all know that we struggle against contamination and there is a great need to protect the environment. It is mainly because air, water and soil are unsuitable to sustain life.
             Bearing in mind water, we know that the prognosis concerning it is rather gloomy. Sewage are dumped directly into rivers and the sea . Some countries do not even have enough safe water to drinking, China is among them. Furthermore, in some areas of the world, for example , in Peru , there are some people who purchase the liquid for money. In consequence, the population growth and the industrial development , which have a great contribution to the depletion and water supply pollution. The pollution of water exerts a huge impact on the lives of the living things. They may easily get an illness, or endanger their lives. Fish, birds and other creatures get poisoned and ecosystems are disrupted. This, in turn, leads to the serious violation of the ecological balance.
             As for the contamination of soil, there are mainly two industries to be blamed. That is agriculture and general industry. On the one hand we have got, the acid rains which are caused by the chemical substances dissolved in rain, which results in polluting water and ruining crops. Deforestation is equally perilous. It causes floods, soil erosion during rainy seasons. At the same time the thoughtless and uncontrolled exploitation of forests for timber results in species extinction.
             However, it seem that the most dangerous problem for the world is the pollution of the atmosphere. Air is contaminated generally by exhaust gases emitted directly into the atmosphere. Every year, man co

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