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My girlfriend

             Love bears all the happiness and all the pain; true satisfaction will come from loving another with all your heart. My girlfriend always told me to remember that because that to her creates and embodies the genuine essence of life. Those words still echo through my head like ringing chime bells lost in the mist. She never hurt another soul, nobody as kind as she. Then she left me that night, no word of good bye or any wave, or hug. Nights after that I cry myself to sleep, the anguish so harsh, the wound etched so deep. I thought my heart could never feel the love that I felt for my girlfriend. Days go by and I learn to cope with life without her loving presence, her words so sweet and nice. Her spirit never dwarfed by the agony that plagued her. I am sure she never wanted to leave me, yet another call beckoned her. My heart cracked and slowly died when she left, still so much distress in my heart. Then she came back into my life; She cried, cried on my shoulder and asked me for a chance, a chance to be with her again. But her simple request was finally refused. Before seeing her tears, I couldn't know how deeply she loved me. If her tears and her love to me is positively related, she loved me as a mother loves her only son. But why did she treat me as her friend, her helper, her listener, just sometimes her boyfriend?
             The saying that we never care the things we now enjoy is true. When I loved her as
             deep as the sea is, she didn't care about me much. Now when I am tired of her, she
             asked me for a chance to care for me as much as she had never cared for me. But I couldn't let myself get hurt again.

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