Sonnys Blues

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When it comes to siblings the older one is protective of the younger one, everyone with a brother or sister can relate. In the story "Sonny's Blues  by James Baldwin, Sonny was a drug addict and his older brother did not know what or how to deal with it. The communication level between the two brothers was vary low but as time goes on they started to talk more until the resolve their problems.

At the begging you find out the Sonny's brother was a math teacher in their old neighborhood of Harlem. His brother Sonny was a drug addict that was in rehab getting over his addiction of heroin. The two brothers have not talk in over a year and one of Sonny's friends come and tell him that he went to rehab and the just brought back memories. Sonny's brother wanted the best for him, he felt the Sonny was a smart boy and could have done anything. Before their mother died she toll the "If anything happens to me he ain't going to have nobody to look out for him  (Sonny's blues, 2001, p#76). She tolled him the story of their uncle and how he died, the uncle was a musician and he played the guitar. one night they where coming home from drinking and his brother started to run down

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