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Should smoking be banned?

             Smoking? By looking at the word ‘smoking’, we are understood that it causes so many problems. There are thousands of chemicals found in cigarette smoke, some of which are harmful to our body. These harmful chemicals are those which can cause cancers and are termed as carcinogens. We are all well aware of the problems cause by cigarette smoke and still we can see the young and aged people smoking but the question is ‘should smoking be banned’?.
             Smoking affects not only the people who smoke but also the surrounding people or people nearby. These people are known as the passive smokers. These people do not smoke but they inhaled the smoke from the smoker’s cigarette nearby. What are the effects of cigarette smoke? The short-term effect of cigarette smoking is addiction. Cigarette contains an addictive chemical known as nicotine. When a person is addicted to smoking, the person will waste his money buying cigarettes. If the person suffers financial problems; lack of money, he will tend to steal or threaten his family members or friends for money. Although the person’s action seems to be not so dangerous but sooner or later he may become violent. This shows that there is a need for the smoking activity to be stopped.
             The long-term effect of smoking is somehow connected to our health. Lung cancer, emphysema and chronic bronchitis are some examples of the effects of smoking. Nowadays, many people die at an early age and most lung cancer patients are the people who is still in the mid thirties or forties. Some of the people who have lung cancer are non-smokers. It is made clear that smoking brings harm to us.
             That was the effects of smoking to our health but what about the effect on our environment. Sometimes, irresponsible smokers just throw their cigarette on the grass or bushes which resulted in forest-fires. This resulted in the loss of our environment’s beautiful scenery.