To One Who Sings Of Love

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This is a story of me, Joe Cortice. Not anyone else, just me. You could say it's a war story, but you'd be wrong. It's a story of hardships, joy, courage, love and most of all, life. This is not a biography or a memoir; it's a story about living life out to fullest extent. The experiences I went through are a burden on me and will be as long as I live. These incidents changed, influenced and taught me many things about life. I can't tell you how because it's complicated, it just did. There are evil people in this world and I got the chance to meet them. This is my story, not theirs.

It was a cold, damp September morning. At about five, while still dark, Rush woke like usual to get off to work on time. She picked up the paper from the cold, wet patio and expected what she saw, "US to Invade.  In the President's Address last night, these were his words. She, and the rest of the nation, knew that this was going to come about for a couple weeks now.

It all started in the summer when the President of France, Jacques Chirac was assassinated. It was kind of ironic, because, well, this is how the First World War had started. But during that time, it was the Serbian President who

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