Role Models, Michael Jordan and Billie Hliday

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Role Models and Their Effect on Others

In the twentieth century there have been numerous pioneers that have created history. Some of the pioneers have broken barriers for others to prosper as well. Others improved on what was already created. For instance, Michael Jordan totally improved and changed the game of basketball. Someone who broke barriers for others was the famous Billie Holiday, who made the jazz industry what it is today.

Billie Holiday, like many African-Americans, grew up in poverty in the early 1900's. She was born into a family that had little money and her parents also were teenagers. Billie Holiday grew up in Harlem and barely ever saw her father because he was a guitar player in a band. He later severed all contact with his family (Biography of Billie Holiday 1). This is where Billie Holiday got her raw talent to sing from, from her estranged father. As she grew up she taught herself how to sing. She had very little schooling and had a natural talent. This is what got her far. Billie Holiday overcame a lot of things, which make her even more special. She survived rape at the age of eleven and went to prison at Ryker's Island with her mother for prostitution (Biograph

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