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             Respect is a word of many uses and multiple characterizations.
             Respect used in terms of Karate is a show of regard or special consideration toward a specific. Respect should be firstly shown to yourself, as in your personal well being, and body state. Secondly respect should be shown toward the Sensei, or leader of the dojo, followed by the superior students descending in order from the highest rank. And thirdly respect should be shown toward anyone who offers their time, knowledge, and abilities toward your education, and enhancement of martial attributes. Respect should also be displayed toward the properties of any one deserving respect, as well as the dojo itself, as a whole.
             Respect in terms of literary usage means to consider worthy of esteem, deferential regard for, and/or a consideration of honor. Respect under these standards is usually exerted toward elders, superiors, and people of higher prestige. Respect often by the average person is used to show a multitude of emotions and expressions. Respect can be put forth to show admiration for an individual, it can also show an appreciation toward that person. Respect toward a person of any likeness can result in an array of consequences both good and bad. Respect is something not to be used wrongly or falsely, showing respect to someone who doesn’t deserve it could cause you to be associated with them, which more likely than not isn’t beneficial to you.
             Respect is through my own vocabulary structure a state of being regarded with honor or esteem, and the action of showing respect as the willingness to show consideration toward an anatomical form, state of mind or overall being superior to my own. Respect is something that should be expressed to all in one, with none in mind, meaning that respect should be given to all based on their own attributes and not on their stature and/or placement in modern day society.