Statement of Intent: E-commerce

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"If it hadn't been for Electricity, we would all be watching Television by candlelight". Sounds like a talk show host's one liner? Perhaps; But this where we are today. The world has learnt not to awe at technology but to use it. Just like the television, the web too is knitting into our lives. My interests lie in Internet Technologies and e-commerce, specifically Configuration Management, Software Workflow and e-commerce applications like Order Processing, Catalog Hosting and Integration Brokers. I am also keen on pursuing research in distributed systems and possess a keen interest and experience in Memory Management and Data Communication.

As a child, I was fascinated by all things digital. From the VCR to digital watches, the ability to "program" devices and "making something work'' have been key motivation that has goaded me through my academic pursuits. This childish enthusiasm gradually crystallized into a more mature form when I stepped into junior college where I chose the Computer Science stream. During the two years, I was thoroughly exposed to PASCAL and here my inspiration acquired a direction. My deep rooted inclination towards this field instigated me to chose Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Regional E

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