Wealth and Health

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1. With a cornucopia of food products available in the U.S. and worldwide markets, why would rational consumers make dietary choices that tend to contribute adversely to their health?

In the past twenty years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the Unites States. There is abundance of foods to choose from in the US, however with the fast pace of the world today, many people are fast food junkies or on the go eaters. It's so much faster to drive through the local hamburger joint for a burger and fries than it so sit down and have a good healthy lunch or dinner. Most adults continue the diet that they were raised on as children by their parents and as they say old habits are hard to break. Behavior, Environment and Genetics also play a part in obesity. Behavior, such as eating too many calories while not getting enough physical activity will certainly drive your body fat up. The environment that one is associated with will also play a part in becoming obese. Hom

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