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Islamic Mosque

What is the basic concept of behind a Mosque/Masjid? The Islamic Mosque or Masjid is a place where Muslims bow before Allah declaring their obedience to His will. The history of the Islamic Mosque dates back to the time of Adam, but the Mosque was rebuilt by Abraham and his first born son Ishmael in Mecca. Early Islamic Mosques were based on the early Christian Church design, and not too long after it took its own form.

A mosque is symbolically very important to Muslims, and is a humble way for man to recreate pure special presence on earth. Mosques are not built according to special patterns ” they are specially guided. Nor are there very clear rules to what a mosque should look like, except on some few points.

˜The history of the Islamic Mosque or Masjid goes back to the days of Adam and then was rebuilt by the patriarch Abraham. It has been said that Abraham built the Ka'ba in Mecca with his first born son Ishmael. This was an order from Allah (God) that Abraham and Ishmael were to build this Holy House of Allah, as a place of worship for all believers of Allah. At this time Ishmael was 17, he helped is father Abraham to build the Ka'ba ˜("Mosque ). ˜The Prophet Muhammad a descendent of Ishmael, came nearly 2,500 years after the Ka'ba was built and purified it as a holy place of worship'("Masjid Al-Aqsa ). In the Holy Torah and Holy Qur'an it says " all the generations will be blessed through Abraham  (Genesis 12 and 18 Holy Torah, Chap. 2 Verses 123-141 Holy Qur'an). Abraham also established a place of worship in Jerusalem, which later came to be known as The House of Allah or Beteyel.

Forty years after the Ka'ba was built, Abraham expanded his place of worship. 'Jacob, the second son of Isaac extended Beteyel as a place for believers of Allah in the region. Believers in

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