Great Expectations

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To wonder if a person is a gentleman, one must look within and not fixate on themselves upon their appearances and materials possessions. In Great Expectations, Pip undergoes many transformations through the course of the book. Pip transforms from a young naive child to a gentleman by distinguishing of three different phases of Pip's life. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens's separate the novel into three distinct phases of Pip's life.

In the first phase of Pip's life he desires wealth, education, and a better social life. He mostly wants to impress Estella. Pip slowly becomes superficial. He is only interested in a girl's appearance " ¦she had said I was common, and that I knew I was common, and that I wished I was not common, and that the lies come of it somehow, though I didn't know how.  (69) Pip is blinded by Estella's beauty and doesn't focus on what is really important in a person. L

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