How Would You Cut The Federal Budget?

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President George Bush has called for a new budget that is the most ambitious that any president has proposed in years. He wants to cut taxes and increase spending for the military and domestic security. A balanced budget or a smaller government is no longer an important goal. A few interest groups [anti-tax, pro-spending, anti-regulation and pro-environment] reviewed the budget line by line and gave their suggestions.

The Bush administration has proposed to spend $1.5 billion over a five-year period to develop the hydrogen-powered car. The Clinton administration before that spent more than $1 billion to create hybrid (gas and electric) cars. But companies like Honda and Toyota have brought the cars to the market even before the Big Three produced any. The Export-Import Bank gives about $10 billion in loans and loan guarantees to corporations every year to finance their foreign projects, for example, Enron was one of their biggest clients. The Agriculture Department spends about $109 million to promote the products of companies like Sunkist, the Watermelon Prom

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