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Critical Thinking Styles and Forces of Influence

            Critical Thinking Styles and Forces of Influence Paper.
             Working for a small company has its advantages and disadvantages. I previously worked for a small technical services firm that provided everything from basic onsite service to telecom and network design bundles. They provided companies with a wide variety of options from networks to telecom solutions thus enabling us to be their one-stop shop for both their data and telecom needs. This allows the client to keep all their needs within one company instead of having to work with various vendors. Because such a wide array of products were offered, they could position themselves to cater to any size customer from your typical “mom and pop” shops to middle and large size businesses. They could handle both small business and enterprise level solutions. The goal was to be able to have a presence across a variety of industries and reach a wide range of clients regardless of size. .
             When I first started with the company, the position offered to me appeared to be an excellent opportunity to work with a company that possessed a huge potential for growth. It appeared the owners had a well-developed business plan. Their vision was to ultimately have outside investors come in, invest in the company and eventually take the company public. I was ready to take on the challenge and help take this company to a new level thus insuring me a better position with the company as well. Unfortunately, shortly after I began working there I discovered many underlying issues that I knew immediately could possibly prevent that future growth from occurring. .
             Although their intentions may have been good, I felt they had given me a false vision of the company. They presented themselves to their clients in much the same way. The company itself consisted of less then 10 employees. The owners made every attempt to present themselves with a large company presence instead of presenting themselves as a small firm who caters to the individual needs of each of its clients thus providing personalized attention.