A smokey haze

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Imagine that you are in an elegant restaurant waiting for your food to be served. As the waiter lays the food down before your eyes, the sweet smell of your just cooked meal is silently replaced by the stench of smoke as somebody just lit their cigarette. Suddenly, your appetite diminishes as you are overcome with the feeling of disgust and nausea. Unfortunately, this type of situation happens all the time across the country. Not only is the smell of second hand smoke appalling, but so are the long term effects of it. While some restaurant owners have tried to appeal to both smokers and non smokers, their attempts have not been as effective as hoped for. It seems that the only way to prevent non smokers from becoming victims of cigarette smoke in restaurants is to ban it entirely.

We all know that smoking is a habit that can have life threatening effects. But who would have thought that non smokers as well can have the same problems that smokers do on their health? In fact, second hand smoke increas

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