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Television, the most popular used technology of modern life, has been considered as a good friend in many homes. Stay in front of the screen. Switch hour to hour for relaxation. Watch the motion pictures with unthinking mind. And have pleasure from that "good friend . A large number of people thought it is a wonderful life to be in front of endless shows of TV. However, if a person once takes a look at what has brought to his life, he'll realize that he is influenced by harmful states of mind and aggressive or violent behaviors due to watching television and its show.

Many homes think that television is just one of their activities everyday. Therefore, time spent to watch the fun and pleasure from it helps them to get through the day. But the more hours are taken before the motion pictures, the lower the physical states of mind become.

Hardly any ones can recognize that TV will soon bring addiction and take viewers out of life in order to enter into the world of unrealistic state. The more time spent in front of the screen, the more addicted they turn into. It is not so hard to find any crazy TV fan around us. He just sits on one place, keeping eyes to the monitor, and switching the channels from hour to hour witho

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