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Freedoms I enjoy

As a citizen of the United States of America, there are a few freedoms I enjoy, but often take for granted. These freedoms are not given to everyone in the world and it is necessary for us to acknowledge them. A few that I hold most dear are definitely the freedom of religion, the freedom of press, and the freedom of speech. I enjoy these for numerous reasons pertaining to my life, as well as others. It is more than normal for people to take our freedoms for granted, considering we were born with them. Thanks to the thoughts and actions of men such as John Peter Zenger, Andrew Hamilton, Roger Williams, and William Penn, we, American citizens, are able to practice many freedoms. These freedoms are the vital foundation of American society today.

First and foremost, the freedom of religion is a very significant freedom we are fortunate to encompass. The freedom of religion does not permit persecution to a person based on any religion. The First Amendment protects the rights of citizens to worship as they please and the right to not be forced to support someone elseaa

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