Story of the making of STARSHIP TROOPERS

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I chose this theme to show the opportunities of my future profession. I will tell you how difficult visual effects are and how they were made in one of the largest visual effects film in motion picture history reportedly contains over 500 visual effects shots - STARSHIP TROOPERS. The film's effects range from herds of attacking bug aliens to the most elegant of space sequences to laser blasts eminating from training guns to countless bluescreen composites. The collection of effects for the film is staggeringly enormous, and the illusions created by the effects artists are of the highest caliber.

Nominated for eight Best Visual Effects, Best Sequence (Whisky Compound), Best Shot (Escape from Whisky Compound), Best CG Character Animation, Best Models/Miniatures, Best Miniature Pyrotechnics, Best Matte Paintings and Best Compositing, Winner of Best Miniature Pyrotechnics.

The film was originally slated for an August release, but was pushed back to November of 1997 for various reasons - mainly because the studio, Sony Entertainment, already had released a bevy of science-fiction/action films during the summer. The extra time afforded to the effects crews shows in their work. The shots are polished, crisp, and are beautif

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