Is the Death Penalty Effective?

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Imagine, a good friend of yours. Better yet, imagine a loved one, perhaps a little brother or sister or son or daughter. Now try to imagine life without them, simply because the murderer thought that he was above the law. Who knows, maybe he or she was just bored and decided to take a life. What if someone took the life of your child or loved one? What are we to do about the person(s), such as these murderers who decide that they can take a loved one's life? Obviously, anyone who takes one's life, other than self defense, should not ever be let out into everyday society to function in everyday life, because such as this are from normal. Those that prey on the weak will always prey on them. A majority of those convicted and sentenced to capital punishment were "repeat offenders that continually prey on the weak and innocent

* Thirty-seven out of fifty (37 of 50) states currently hold laws authorizing the death penalty.

* Most executions are carried out in the Deep South.

* Currently there are more than 2000 people on death row

* Because of various legal interferences, a majority of executions will

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