Michael Crichton

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Michael Crichton was born in 1942, in Chicago. He was raised in Roslyn, New York where he played basketball at Roslyn High School a task aided by his height which in 10th grade was 6 foot 7 inches, he is now 6 ft 9 in. Michael has had 3 former wives with his current wife being Anne-Marie Martin. He has one daughter named Taylor.

He went to Harvard University where he was told by his teachers that he was not a good writer. After plagiarizing an essay of George Orwell's and submitting it to his English professor, and getting a B- decided that the English department at Harvard was to tough for him. At this conclusion he decided to study anthropology. In 195 he graduated from Harvard "summa cum laude  with a major in anthropology.

At the age of 23, Michael Crichton was a visiting lecturer in anthropology at Cambridge University, in England. After a year of this he left to pursue a medical career by attending Harvard Medical School where he graduated in 1969. That same year he won the Edgar award for the best mystery of the year, whit his book A Case of Need, written under the pseudonym Jeffrey Hudson. Jeffrey Hudson was one of three pseudonyms that Michael Crichton used. The other two were John Lange, and

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