Compare and contrast Frankenstein

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Have you ever seen Kenneth Branagh's Mary Shelly's Frankenstein without reading the actual book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley? If so, one might have of wondered does Branagh stay close to the plot of the book. Branagh did not stay too close even considering all the other Frankenstein movies made, especially in relation to Victor Frankenstein. There are several scenes with Victor in them that in the movie strayed from the plot of book. The foremost would be the creation of the monster in Ingolstadt. The second is the death of Elizabeth and her reincarnation. Thus there are there scenes in which to compare and contrast.

The first scene is the one when he created the monster. There were many similarities in the first scene such as a monster spawned as an end result from both book and the movie resulted in a monster. The monster was also created from human parts in both the movie and the book. It was true that he had lost touch with his family back in Geneva in the book while he was so intently focused on being able to in his own words: " ¦banish disease from the human frame ¦  This led to his isolation in both the movie and book as in this quotation: "One secret which I alone possessed myse

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