How Does Wind Speed Affect Evaporation?

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How does wind speed affect evaporation?

It's a gloomy, wet afternoon and you want to go outside, but there's only one problem its too wet. You think that maybe if a little wind blows through that maybe it might dry up quicker. Well your right on the money! That is exactly what my experiment is about. Which deals with the evaporation rate of water due to wind speed. It shows the answers to modern day questions such as, what makes water evaporate faster? That is one of the most frequently researched topics. My experiment is similar except it deals with only on e variable, which is wind speed. To get an idea of my project you must first know how water evaporates and the basics about water and water molecules.

First, water is the most abundant element on earth. It is the only the only substance that exist in alll three forms, liquid, gas, and solid. It has cohesive properties which cause the molecules to cling or bond together.(If you don't understand where I'm going w

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