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Devasting Plight of African Americans

             I believe that there is a devastating plight which faces African Americans of.
             It is a plight of self desecration, self abuse, and self defilement. African.
             Americans have prohibited ourselves from achieving massive success due to our comfort.
             with things the way they are. It is apparent we have the potential to succeed in every.
             aspect of life but problems such as drug abuse, proverty, homelessness, insufficient.
             education, and voter indifference plague us greatly. I believe that I can be part of the.
             movement which changes this and I believe Howard is where I can obtain the skills to do.
             so, thus adding to its legacy.
             Howard has the potential to be in the forefront of a movement which will catapult.
             the African American race into glory. Due to Howard University’s diverse black caucus,.
             the best and the brightest of the African American community from all over the United.
             States have gathered here to become the leaders of tomorrow. I believe that in an.
             environment like this, enlightenment on a wide scale can begin. .
             In the past many have improve the state of the black community. The Kings and.
             the Mendelas of the past have been accredited to many sucesses for blacks as a whole. I.
             wish to achieve influence of that statuture not nesacarily through political means but by.
             first starting organizations or joining those already in effect that are devoted to the.
             betterment of our people. Through feasible ideas and goals I will help in changing our.
             community. The skills I, academically, acquire at Howard will, in the future, give me the.
             foundation needed to develope a non profit organization dedicated in helping urban.
             youth, especial the African American community.
             Was it not African American youth of the past who were key in bringing about.
             change through the civil rights movement? I believe we too can change our future and.
             what better place to start then an institution filled with the most gifted black youth from.