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The hero in a hostile world

             “Hemingway’s heroes” face a hostile world and do not always triumph. Yet they win in the sense that they overcome physical obstacles and improve their moral and emotional well-being. Although Ernest Hemingway’s heroes have different names, they are fundamentally the same person, drawing form the same traumatizing experiences. As for the heroes, however emotionally disturbed, they always seem to have some hope guiding them into the future. Many hero instances, such as actually getting wounded in the war and vast hunting expeditions, are taken from Hemingway’s actual life and happenings. This is brought out in A Farewell to Arms.
             I. The “Hostile” world defeats modern man.
             A. Frederic Henry of A Farewell to Arms faces hardships of the world.
             B. Frederic, the protagonist, survives an artillery bombardment that kills one of his own men and badly injures him.
             II. The modern man makes mistakes.
             A. Frederic’s decision to pick up two sergeants while retreating, then when they got stuck in the ambulance shot one of the sergeants, make’s himself to be almost inhuman.
             III. The modern man, or hero, overcomes through the code hero.
             A. The Hemingway hero is usually a masculine man who drinks, loves hunts and bullfights, and has war injuries. He is also almost always defeated physically, but never loses because his victories are moral ones. Some of theses victories are: Frederic finding his strength, courage, and his bravery.
             B. The code hero is the character that shows the Hemingway hero how to conduct himself; this person is very different and makes up for what the hero is lacking. The code hero helps along the hero through right decisions, acting properly and trying to make the hero do the right thing when things get crazy or dangerous.
             Hemingway portrays the hero in a hostile world and lets that protagonist find himself within the troubles of the world.